What does it take to change a life? The belief that it is possible, the commitment to make it happen- and the help of generous hearts and hands. What does it take to change a village? The vision to see that it is possible- and even more generous hearts and compassion hands to help make that promise a life-giving reality. Come, hear the story of Kisoboka, (L)Ugandan for “IT IS POSSIBLE”!

Since our team’s first visit to Uganda in 2007 we have felt a growing passion for helping the incredible people of Uganda improve the quality of their lives and communities. Working in daily partnership with native Ugandans through Kisoboka Initiative for Progress (our non-profit affiliate in Uganda), our goal is to provide “hope and a future” (Jer. 29:11) by supporting two extraordinary Christian grade schools, funding scholarships for graduate educational and vocational training programs, making grants to support small business ventures, and conducting community-based projects to improve quality of life and enhance economic development.

Visiting Uganda is a life-changing experience that inspires both deep compassion and high hopes. The Ugandans we meet are humble, hopeful, hard-working, joyful and generous people, deeply devoted to family and faith but most live in terrible poverty with little opportunity for work, education, medical care or other avenues to improve their lives. Kisoboka is devoted to partnering with community leaders, churches, and other aid organizations to provide those crucial opportunities for self-improvement and community development. Stories that follow will illustrate the powerful effect of the generous gifts of sponsors and donors for the lives of our Ugandan neighbors.

For example, Kisoboka supports Kisoboka Academy in the village of Bakka, currently serving 443 students and their families with excellence in education, access to clean water (through bore hole projects), clothing for children, financial assistance for families, loans for small businesses and access to free medical care through our partnership with Show Mercy International. The village center is being transformed from a desperate, poverty-ridden community to a thriving center of hope, commerce, and healthier lives. It is possible!

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My heart is overflowing with love for the children of the village of Bakka. We are making a difference in their lives every day.

Sandy Gannon, Kisoboka co-founder and director

In my many visits to Uganda, I have been overwhelmed by the warmth of the Ugandan people, by their eagerness for education and training, and by their willingness to work hard to achieve their goals.

Todd Klipp, Kisoboka co-founder

I was blessed to receive Kisoboka’s support which enabled me to obtain an education, and now with my family I am giving back by founding and supporting Shalom Restoration Academy, a Christian primary school in the village of Mukono.

Stephen Kakaira, Kisoboka director

Kisoboka supported me in my education and videography/photography business; now I help lead their efforts on the ground in Uganda.

Hope Kalibbala, Kisoboka Initiative for Progress chairman and director

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