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There are now 338 children attending Kisoboka Academy, the school that is operated by Kisoboka Uganda. Of these, 115 are actively sponsored, approximately 1/3 of the children who attend.

Sponsorships enable us to pay the school teachers and staff, which is a little more than $100 per month, each. While the teachers are grateful to be paid on time every month this monthly salary will never lift them out of poverty.

Sponsorships allow us to feed the children a daily meal of porridge, however this meal will not end malnutrition.

Imagine what could be provided for the children, teachers and school if all 338 children were sponsored.

  • A balanced meal every day
  • Teacher training and mentoring
  • Books for every child
  • Electricity for the school

The possibilities are endless. All that is needed is someone to love a child halfway across the world and invest $25 a month in their future. Can you be a part of their future? Can you give them hope that they can escape the cycle of poverty?

Partner with us by making a one-time donation or, even better, a monthly sponsorship commitment.

Sandy Gannon
Sandy GannonCo-founder and director