Sandra Gannon, co-founder & director

“My heart is overflowing with love for the children of the village of Bakka. We are making a difference in their lives every day.”

Sandy Gannon is co-founder and director of Kisoboka Uganda, Inc., and missionary to Uganda.  Her first trip to Uganda was in 2008, when she witnessed hundreds of children suffering from treatable diseases and severe malnutrition. The average education level in the village is fourth grade, a village that, at that time, had no hope anything would ever change.  She made a promise to God and the children, that she would work  faithfully to change their lives.   In 2009 she began a sponsorship program. Today this program provides education for 460 primary school children and 100 high school children.  All the children and their families receive free healthcare, eliminating cases of jiggers and worms, and reducing the cases of malaria.